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On One Hand... but on the Other Hand... What to Do in Perplexing Market Times

Andy Michael | Aug 6, 2019

On One Hand... but on the Other Hand... What to Do in Perplexing Market Times

"Give me a one-handed Economist. All my economists say 'on one hand...', then 'but on the other...'"
Harry Truman

While economists are famously known for "the other hand", today's environment seems to base entire opinions on just one hand - often 140 characters or less. We at Sailer Financial still have much respect for "the other hand" as we strive to objectively evaluate the state of the economy and markets each week in our Investment Committee meetings. So given the inflection point global markets are in today, here is an inside look at our view of "both hands":

With this type of conflicting optimism and pessimism, it's easy to see how investors can feel lost about what to do next! Here are three action steps we continue to implement and recommend for clients during these perplexing times:

  1. Be Recession Ready. We review client portfolios in the context of their unique circumstances in order to be better prepared to weather the next recession whenever that may occur.
  2. Keep emergency savings out of the stock market. The volatility that we have seen in early August alone is a great reminder that cash reserves or funds needed for known upcoming expenses are best kept out of the market.
  3. Think in decades. Match your portfolio time horizon with your long term needs and goals – not the daily swings of the market.

Please contact us if you or someone you know would like to continue the conversation around the current state of markets and what you can do about it.

Andy Michael, CFA
Portfolio Manager

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